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LEI participated at the event "A sustainable waste-free future lab, 2022" on 10th June

27 June 2022

At the LEI stand, visitors could hear about the production of synthetic biofuels (methane) from CO2 and hydrogen. It was also possible to see a demonstration experiment of hydrogen, which showed how [...]

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9th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management (15-18 June 2022)

20 June 2022

TWIN-PEAKS project coordinator, A. Tamošiūnas, participated in the 9th International Conference on Sustainable Solid Waste Management on June 15-18, 2022, in Corfu, Greece. Tamošiūnas [...]

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Twin-Peaks Project Study Tour to Kaunas CHP

18 May 2022

On 6th May 2022, the students from the Faculty of Economics and Management (VMU) had an excursion to the Kaunas CHP. That is a part of the ongoing student contest activities organized by the [...]

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LEI participates in Career days on 30-31 March 2022

1 April 2022

LEI participated in „KARJERA & STUDIJOS 2022“ Career days on 30-31 March 2022 at LITEXPO Exhibition Hall in Vilnius, Lithuania. During this event, the TWIN-PEAKS [...]

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Event on Smart Solutions in Waste Management - 1st December 2021

1 December 2021

On 1st December 2021 the Faculty of Economics and Management (VMU) hosted the event “Smart Solutions in Waste Management” organized by the international consortium TWIN-PEAKS, together [...]

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TWIN-PEAKS outreach event with business participants

23 November 2021

On 23 November 2021 TWIN-PEAKS outreach event took place in Lithuanian Energy Institute. This event aimed at building networks, dissemination of research knowledge and finding new collaboration [...]

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Twin-Peaks knowledge exchange activities in Sweden

17 November 2021

Researchers from LEI, VMU, TUM and CTH attended training and workshop on 8-16 November 2021. Chalmers University of Technology was the hosting institution responsible for organising knowledge exchange [...]

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Expedition of TWIN-PEAKS and VMU Energy Security Research Center

12 November 2021

On November 12, trainees of the international consortium TWIN-PEAKS and VMU Energy Security Research Center participated in a scientific expedition at Kaunas Cogeneration Power Plant. Šarūnas [...]

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20.10.2021 Join the TWIN-PEAKS outreach event and problem-solving contest on 29 October 2021

6 September 2021

This event will host a problem-solving contest targeted at students with the aim to improve their networking skills with civil society and business sector. In addition, the outreach will combine [...]

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20.10.2021 Join the Career Day on 27 October 2021

5 September 2021

Career Day is organized virtually and will surprise everyone with interactive solutions. The event will showcase the activities of Lithuanian Energy Institute, ongoing projects, and innovations. [...]

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02.09.2021 TWIN-PEAKS Summer School, July 2021

2 September 2021

The TWIN-PEAKS Project Partner VDU organised the first Summer School on 19-23 July 2021 in Kaunas, Lithuania at VDU. PhD students could gain additional soft skills on public speaking.   More [...]

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30.08.2021 Lithuanias pursuit of excellence in bioenergy brings the country forward in the European low-carbon energy scene

30 August 2021

Lithuania has boosted the already ongoing transformation of its energy sector in pursuance of energy security and independence, as well as to align it with the European energy strategies and policies. [...]

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11.06.2021 TWIN-PEAKS outreach event in Kaunas, Lithuania

5 June 2021

Join TWIN-PEAKS outreach event in Kaunas, Lithuania (or online) on 11th June 2021. Climate change mitigation, synthetic biofuels and waste-to-energy are in the focus of a new international consortium [...]

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28.04.2021 TWIN-PEAKS Project Coordinator presents the project at the EUBCE

5 May 2021

The Coordinator of the TWIN-PEAKS project introduced project's activities at the EUBCE on 28th April 2021. The goal of the presentation was to enhance the visibility of LEI and establish new [...]

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23-24.03.2021 TWIN-PEAKS 1st Progress Meeting and workshop

4 April 2021

The 1st Progress Meeting of the TWIN-PEAKS project took place on 23 March 2021. In addition, the consortium organised a Virtual Study Tour at TUM’s experimental facilities. On 24 March the [...]

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13.10.2020 TWIN-PEAKS Kick-off meeting

13 October 2020

The TWIN-PEAKS project was launched on 1st October 2020 and the Kick-off meeting took place on 13.10.2020 online. Under the coordination of LEI, the consortium planned the work programme for the [...]

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